Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Soluable and insoluable fiber

This morning, starting at 8:45am I started having bathroom issues. Didn't last long. Most of what I ate yesterday I thought was safe. But I am thinking the Mozzarella might be the culprit. I hope not. I love cheese and did not eat much of it yesterday but I might be totally cutting out dairy.

I have been reading a lot about soluable vs insoluable fiber. I need to wait another day or two for my body to totally heal, then I am going to experiment adding a little more soluable fiber into my diet. I need my body to be healed first so I have a good baseline.

  • coffee

  • creamer

  • egg

  • toast

  • butter


  • Bow tie pasta with pizza sauce

  • 2 pieces of toast

  • butter


  • 3 choc. chip cookies

  • fresh apple juice

Skipped dinner so that I wouldn't have problems and miss Baileys last school concert.

Fiber-5.1 grams Calories-1123 Fat-39.46 grams

Health-My abdomen is feeling almost normal now. BM-8:45am-L. Butter is the only dairy I had today, so I will see if I have the same problems tomorrow or if I will have improved. Hungry but it is 9:40 and we just got home from concert. Too late to eat or I will not get sleep tonight.

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