Monday, February 28, 2011

Tilapia and Carrots

Sunday, Feb.27

5:00-2 Cups Coffee, 2 T. Flavored Cream

10:00-1/2 Banana

2:00-Lunch-1 Cup Lettuce, 2 T. Onion finely chopped, 1/2 teas. EVOO, splash of fresh lemon juice, 1Slice Sourdough bread toasted, 1 Pat of butter, 1 hard boiled egg
6:30-Dinner-Small Bake Potato, 1 pat butter, 3oz Tilapia baked with salt and pepper, 1 cup cooked carrots.

*BM-10:00pm 40 min. session, 2 trips.  Then 4:00am, the next morning 1 trip, urgent. My bottom slightly burning

Things are still going well.  I shouldn't have went to bed before I was done going to the bathroom.  That explains the last trip in the middle of the night.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Too Many New Foods In One Day

Saturday Feb. 26

7:00-2 cups coffee, 2 T. real cream with Cinnamon flavor

8:30-Breakfast-3/4 Cup Oatmeal (NO MILK), 1 T. Real grade A Maple Syrup, 1 pat of butter


4:00-Late Lunch-2 eggs fried with Pam, 2 pats butter, 2 slices Sourdough bread toasted.

7:00-Light dinner-1 small baked potato, 1 cup lettuce, 1 1/2 T. finely diced raw onion, extra virgin olive oil a small drizzle, a splash of fresh lemon juice.

I really shouldn't have added so many new foods in one day.  I will try not to do that again.  But since it was mostly condiments in small doses, I thought rightly that I would be OK.

*BM-11:00pm-The most normal I have had in a year.  Definitely not normal for someone with a rectum, but for me, it was about the best I could hope for.  20 min. session, 3 trips, 1 urgent.

Not sure what food I will add today.  I don't want to go to the grocery store today, so I will try to find something I already have.  I think I need to add a vegetable.  But don't want to have canned, I have some asparagus in the fridge but it's getting pretty old so I will need to look at it.  From what I read on ibs diet, asparagus would be a good choice.

Yesterday, I was again diaper less and active.  I had little worry of an accident.  I am not looking forward to the time when I eat something that triggers issues, I got a feeling it will be in one of two categories, Meat and Dairy.  I really could live without chicken, pork or beef, but a life without cheese would be sad indeed.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lettuce, potato, butter

Friday, February 25th

6:00-2 cups coffee
9:00-1 cup coffee with Flavored real cream probably tablespoon.
10:00- 1/2 banana
11:30-Lunch-Salmon(left over from last night) 4oz.  3/4 Cup rice, 1cup Lettuce
5:00-Dinner-1 egg fried with Pam, 1/2 Cup Lettuce, Medium Baked Potato, 1 Pat of real butter

*No BM

I am feeling so good.  My sores are healing, I have no pain, and hope this keeps up a while longer before I make a mistake and eat the wrong thing.  Today, I think I am going to try Oatmeal with a little maple syrup, no milk, for breakfast.  I really am not sure what my body will do but in my research, maple syrup tends to be ok in small doses, but who knows about the oatmeal.  I am really just wanting something hot and filling for breakfast.  So far, except for the creamer and flavored real cream, all else coincide with how I will be eating during March for the Real Food Challenge.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Egg, Banana, Salmon

Thursday, Feb. 24

7:00-Breakfast-2/3 Cup plain white basmati rice
10:30-Snack-3/4 Cup rice
1:00-Lunch-3/4 Cup rice and one egg, scrambled with no oil or milk.
3:00-Snack-One banana
5:30-Dinner-Salmon 4oz, 2/3 cup rice. 

Bm-7:30 pm.  Normal (for me).  1/2 hour session.  5 trips and no cramping.  Somewhat urgent.

Changing my plan a little yesterday after talking to my colon/rectal Surgeon.  Him wanting me to treat the elimination diet more like the IBS one.  So I decided to add three new foods that I was fairly certain was safe.  I made sure the egg was just an egg without oil or milk.  I have a history of low potasium so I ate a banana, and to add one more protein, I decided on Salmon which I am pretty certain I would do well with.  The thing about Salmon is that I love to creatively prepare it and then dip it into cocktail or tartar sauce.  But I ended up baking it with salt and pepper and eating it plain.  It was still delicious.

I am glad to have finally had a bm and a fairly normal one at that.  So I feel like I am at a good baseline.  I am not sure if I will add another new food today and if so, what would it be.  I am out of bananas and I need to go to the store, so it would be good for me to decide on the new food in case I don't have it. 


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Shared e-mail with my doctor today.  I am glad to say he is on board with my plan and gave input.  So I will hope to be able to eat more foods right away, and then add suspicious foods slowly.  He also stressed that I need to write down everything.  Just connecting with him and having him on-board is a relief.

His recommendation is to start with the IBS elimination diet and cut out what I already know is a problem.

So far today, I ate only rice till this afternoon and have since had an egg scrambled without milk added or oil.  And I just got done eating a banana.  I feel pretty safe eating these foods.  I am still very hungry and need to figure out what to eat for dinner that is relatively safe.  I have a IBS cookbook I hope to find something.


It is snowing here and LL is taking some of the day off.  So I get to watch him eat today:(  I know, jealousy is rather ugly.  Yesterday I had

2 Cups coffee
a little creamer
31/2 cups of rice

No BM yet.  I am really hoping I do not have to eat rice only again tomorrow, so I hope things start clearing out soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I eat too much.  How else can I explain why I have at 3cups rice so far and I feel like I could eat my young.  OK, maybe that is an exaggeration but it is almost 5:00 and in the last 5 hours I have ate 3 cups of rice and I want to devour anything and everything.  I guess that's why I am blogging.  Maybe voicing it will put it in perspective.  3 cups of rice is a lot.  But I know over the last few weeks, I have been eating far too much, so it would make since that my stomach wants more. 

I have written to my colon cancer surgeon to see if I could get some guidance on how to reintroduce some foods in a day or so.  So I will see if he has advice or will refer me to a dietitian.  We will see.

Still no "cleansing" yet.  Please oh please oh please, make it all come soon, hard and fast. 

So I Blew it Already

If I only had a brain............By noon I made my pot of white basmati rice to eat on in the next few days.  As I am eating my first serving, I remember that this morning during LL and my coffee time together, I already had a couple cups of coffee with creamer in it.  Now, anyone that knows me knows going with out coffee will not be pretty.  I don't want the headaches and the general yucky feeling at this time while not eating much.  But the creamer???............Come on Konnie, where's your head.  So I know what my baseline should be just eating rice and with drinking coffee the next couple days, I have problems, then I will deal with the headaches and forego the coffee, but I can definitely go with out the creamer.
So far, I have not go rid of anything from the last couple days.  Hopefully, and yes I really hoping for this, I will have a bad episode and just get rid of everything within a few hours time.  Even if I do soon, I still plan on just eating rice tomorrow just to make sure I have a good beginning to reintroduce other foods.  I am not sure what order I should reintroduce.  A tradition plan for allergies will not help but I have a couple ideas to research on-line and know protein of some sort might be a top priority.


So here I am once again trying to figure things out.  I posted on my main blog about this but will from now on, journal about my diet here.  Link is below