Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Potatoes

Tuesday, March 1

4:00-2 cups coffee

8:00-3/4 oatmeal, 1 pat butter, 1 tsp maples syrup

1:00-Lunch-baked potato, roasted vegetables, (onion, carrots, zucchini,).

5:00-Dinner-baked salmon 3oz, lettuce, 1/2 tsp evoo, lemon juice, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1 pat butter, 3/4 cup mashed sweet potatoes.

*No BM-I still need to clear out some of the bread that is still in me so today, I expect a bad bm.  Took longer to get rid of scratchy swollen throat, and shortly after dinner, my throat felt like it was closing again.

I thing the problem is that my kitchen counters were not clean and I probably contaminated my dinner with Bailey's bagel crumbs or LL's toast.  Not positive though.  A deep cleaning is in order.

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