Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I eat too much.  How else can I explain why I have at 3cups rice so far and I feel like I could eat my young.  OK, maybe that is an exaggeration but it is almost 5:00 and in the last 5 hours I have ate 3 cups of rice and I want to devour anything and everything.  I guess that's why I am blogging.  Maybe voicing it will put it in perspective.  3 cups of rice is a lot.  But I know over the last few weeks, I have been eating far too much, so it would make since that my stomach wants more. 

I have written to my colon cancer surgeon to see if I could get some guidance on how to reintroduce some foods in a day or so.  So I will see if he has advice or will refer me to a dietitian.  We will see.

Still no "cleansing" yet.  Please oh please oh please, make it all come soon, hard and fast. 

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