Monday, February 28, 2011

Tilapia and Carrots

Sunday, Feb.27

5:00-2 Cups Coffee, 2 T. Flavored Cream

10:00-1/2 Banana

2:00-Lunch-1 Cup Lettuce, 2 T. Onion finely chopped, 1/2 teas. EVOO, splash of fresh lemon juice, 1Slice Sourdough bread toasted, 1 Pat of butter, 1 hard boiled egg
6:30-Dinner-Small Bake Potato, 1 pat butter, 3oz Tilapia baked with salt and pepper, 1 cup cooked carrots.

*BM-10:00pm 40 min. session, 2 trips.  Then 4:00am, the next morning 1 trip, urgent. My bottom slightly burning

Things are still going well.  I shouldn't have went to bed before I was done going to the bathroom.  That explains the last trip in the middle of the night.

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