Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I Blew it Already

If I only had a brain............By noon I made my pot of white basmati rice to eat on in the next few days.  As I am eating my first serving, I remember that this morning during LL and my coffee time together, I already had a couple cups of coffee with creamer in it.  Now, anyone that knows me knows going with out coffee will not be pretty.  I don't want the headaches and the general yucky feeling at this time while not eating much.  But the creamer???............Come on Konnie, where's your head.  So I know what my baseline should be just eating rice and with drinking coffee the next couple days, I have problems, then I will deal with the headaches and forego the coffee, but I can definitely go with out the creamer.
So far, I have not go rid of anything from the last couple days.  Hopefully, and yes I really hoping for this, I will have a bad episode and just get rid of everything within a few hours time.  Even if I do soon, I still plan on just eating rice tomorrow just to make sure I have a good beginning to reintroduce other foods.  I am not sure what order I should reintroduce.  A tradition plan for allergies will not help but I have a couple ideas to research on-line and know protein of some sort might be a top priority.

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