Friday, February 25, 2011

Egg, Banana, Salmon

Thursday, Feb. 24

7:00-Breakfast-2/3 Cup plain white basmati rice
10:30-Snack-3/4 Cup rice
1:00-Lunch-3/4 Cup rice and one egg, scrambled with no oil or milk.
3:00-Snack-One banana
5:30-Dinner-Salmon 4oz, 2/3 cup rice. 

Bm-7:30 pm.  Normal (for me).  1/2 hour session.  5 trips and no cramping.  Somewhat urgent.

Changing my plan a little yesterday after talking to my colon/rectal Surgeon.  Him wanting me to treat the elimination diet more like the IBS one.  So I decided to add three new foods that I was fairly certain was safe.  I made sure the egg was just an egg without oil or milk.  I have a history of low potasium so I ate a banana, and to add one more protein, I decided on Salmon which I am pretty certain I would do well with.  The thing about Salmon is that I love to creatively prepare it and then dip it into cocktail or tartar sauce.  But I ended up baking it with salt and pepper and eating it plain.  It was still delicious.

I am glad to have finally had a bm and a fairly normal one at that.  So I feel like I am at a good baseline.  I am not sure if I will add another new food today and if so, what would it be.  I am out of bananas and I need to go to the store, so it would be good for me to decide on the new food in case I don't have it. 


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