Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday May 2, 2010 Too many carbs

I need to make changes but here was what I ate.

  • Honey bunches of oats cereal
  • milk
  • glazed donut

Late lunch-early dinner

  • Pasta alfredo
  • garlic bread
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • juice

Fiber-8.4 grams Calories-1826 fat-79

Mondays weight- 124.5

Health-I obviously am eating too much carbs and fat. I started having issues Saturday night with going a lot and being very acidic. Bottom burning a lot. The next day I went a little throughout the day and by around 6:00 I was going a lot. Not diarrhea but acidic. I think several things are going on here. I am eating too many carbs at one time, like pasta and garlic bread, cereal and a donut. I ate a double portion of the pasta, the sauce, the donut, the garlic bread all high in fat. I am eating more dairy than I should and I am not drinking enough water. So the plan this week is as follows:

Eat only one new or complex ingredient food in a day, IE. alfredo sauce, eat pure one ingredient foods for the most part. Eat small 1 serving size portion. 1 cup pasta instead of two. Eat one carb. per meal. Eat at least 1 egg or fish per day. less cheese, and drink more water. List every bite on my food calculator.

Well that's it. I hope to be having more manageable BM's in a couple days.

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