Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Can I Eat?

Well I did create this blog so I could document my diet and health closer and not have so much of it on my other blog. Well this post is going to be a whinny one. But since no one really reads this, I feel free to unload.

The last couple days I didn't document what I ate because I felt I was getting pretty good at keeping with in the low residue guidelines. Well I shouldn't have been so sure of myself. I am still finding foods that I can not eat.

Yesterday I went fishing and didn't get back until almost 6:00. Didn't want to fry fish by the time we would get them cleaned so I put bacon in the oven and let it cook while we cleaned our fish and put them in the freezer. So at around 6:30 I ate a bacon sandwich with one leaf of lettuce. I am not sure if it was the one leaf of lettuce or the 2 strips of bacon or probably both. But around 1:30 this morning the now familiar pain and cramping in the location of my damaged intestine started up. Meaning it was partially blocked. If it was not blocked, it would have passed the area and been in my colon hours ago. See the kind of detective I am becoming. Anyway, panic set in so I got up hoping the food would dislodge and pass through. Although my abdomen is sore this morning, I think I got lucky and avoided a trip to the hospital. I think. Didn't sleep much after that.

So now I am crossing lettuce, even a small amount off my list and also bacon. So what can I eat? Well so far fish doesn't seem to be a problem. White rice, white bread, low fiber cereal, white pasta, eggs (thank God for my chickens), baked goods made with white flour and without nuts and fruit. A little dairy. Juices without pulp. Except prune juice. Thinking..........Thinking.............Yep that's about it. It may sound like a lot to someone else but there is not many dishes I like that doesn't have meat and vegetables in it. Oh I forgot potatoes without the skin. I can have that:)

So today I am back keeping track of exactly what and how much I eat. I do not what to have my belly cut wide open and have my intestines removed, only to cause more scarring and possibly more problems and perhaps an ostomy. So this diet is very serious for me. No one in my real life really wants to know the details of my diet, weight and in general health. Besides my hubby, what every one else really wants to know is that my cancer has not returned and that's about it. Who could blame them. So this little blog that no one reads gets to hear it all. Aren't you so lucky:)

Going to try making a Quiche with homemade pie dough, eggs, milk and a little cheese. I hope I can digest that.

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