Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Made Bread

Learning to eat low residue is not so hard. But not getting bored or keeping that kind of food on hand is another story. Today I made white bread. It actually turned out pretty good.

I also made my juices for the next few days. Carrot and apple.

Here is what I ate today

  • Life cereal
  • milk
  • coffee and creamer


  • egg and cheese muffin
  • apple juice


  • bread and butter


  • Pad Thai Homemade vegetarian with egg and well cooked red onion.


  • Life cereal
  • Milk

Fiber-9.8 Calories-1216 Fat-30.69

Health-Felt pretty good today. BM starting around 2:00 in afternoon. Lasted a couple hours and a little loose.

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