Saturday, April 17, 2010

History of my Illness

I will give a very brief rundown of how I got here on this journey.

A little over one year ago I was diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer. My tumor was large and located mainly in the rectum. I had a colostomy bag put in, 5 weeks radiation and chemo, My Big surgery where they removed my tumor, along with all my rectum, part of my colon and removed my colostomy and added an ileostomy. I then had 4 months of chemo, and another surgery to take out my ileostomy. This all took about a year.

Well about a week ago I was hospitalized with an obstruction. They almost had to do surgery which they really don't want to do because I already have enough scar tissue. What they have found is that I have a large area in my small intestines that is very damaged and narrow probably from the radiation. This means instead of being on a high fiber diet, which would be good for my cancer, I now have to be on a low residue diet. My doctor would prefer me to be on the strictest form of this diet and then maybe add a few foods back later, if I can tolerate it.

So this is my journey.......................

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  1. Your title comment about bathroom talk on this blog cracked me up (not to be dis-respectful) .. I have a son with Down syndrome .. and a colon disorder called Hirschsprungs disease. No nerve endings in his colon .. he had a rupture .. and ileostomy for a while and obstructions... most of his colon removed as well. I understand potty talk;) I hope you can find a good balance in your diet to help with your limited food choices. If you don't mind, I will pray for you. Hugs