Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update to Today

This isn't my first time being on a low residue diet. When I had my ileostomy, I had to be careful not to eat certain foods. But this is my first time I am needing to be very serious about what I put in my mouth. This last hospital stay really gave me a scare. So to catch up so I have a full account of this journey, I will do an overview of the last 6 days. I am doing it mainly from memory so it really is just a general overview.

Sunday April 11-I ate breakfast at the hospital. This was my first solid food for 4 days. They let me out of the hospital after they knew my breakfast went through the narrow part of my intestines. Takes 1 to 2 hrs for this to happen. I got home around 2:00.

  • Breakfast-Pancakes, coffee, crandberry juice
  • Early dinner-Pasta, and ? (? means I don't remember)


  • Breakfast-coffee and creamer
  • Lunch-Frosted flakes, milk
  • Dinner-Bacon, eggs, toast, Juice, Potatos
  • Snack-Earthquake, Potato bread, and butter

Fiber-5g. My Weight 121lb Health-feel good and bm's good


  • Breakfast-coffee and creamer
  • Lunch-Bacon sandwich
  • Dinner-Beef and Cheese Tortilla, Wine
  • Snack-Brownie

Fiber-4.9g Health-feel good,BM's good


  • Breakfast-Honey bunches of oats, milk
  • Lunch-Egg salad sandwich, chips, Brownie
  • Dinner-Scallops, Green beans, New potato

Fiber-7.5g Health-Not feeling as well. Diarrhea. E-mailed Doctor for more Directions


Still not feeling well. The Doctor e-mailed me back and said he wanted me on the strictest form of Low residue diet, which means limiting dairy, no alcohol, and only juices for fruits and vegetables except for bananas. He did say I could have coffee:)


  • Breakfast-Coffee, Creamer, apple juice, banana bread
  • Lunch-Mac and Cheese, chicken breast, crandberry juice
  • Dinner-Hamburger, bun, chips, banana bread

Fiber-5.6g Health-felt a bit constipated. It was 2 days since BM but apple juice took care of it and I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Now I can start fresh with daily postings.

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